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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The new membership program, Elevate, aims to offer a risk-free private jet membership with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Members can purchase hours in ten aircraft types including some of the most desirable aircraft such as the Phenom 300, Challenger 300 and Gulfstream 450. With the ability to use any aircraft in the program 365 days a year with no black out days or peak surcharges, Magellan is eliminating the stress and ambiguity from travel planning and giving their members complete control of their flight schedule. This new program has no surcharges for changing aircraft, and fixed fuel rates, and no surcharges for fuel. The minimum required flight time is just one hour for their service area.

Magellan Jets is so confident members’ expectations will be exceeded with Elevate, they will refund a member’s remaining funds up to 30 days from their first flight.

“If you buy a Hawker 800XP membership but twice a year you have a golf trip with colleagues or go on a family vacation, you can use a Gulfstream,” said Anthony Tivnan, President of Magellan Jets.

Members also have access to 24/7 Live Flight Support and Compliance teams, who work to ensure their safety by using aircraft from the pre-selected Magellan Jets Preferred Network.

In addition to the jets in the program there’s also a Sikorsky helicopter service. Members can avoid city traffic and hop on a Sikorsky helicopter for an ultra-quick and luxurious way to hop around the northeast.

The all inclusive rates on jet specific memberships are shown below:

Jet Category Hourly Rate
Gulfstream G450 $13,499.85/Hr
Gulfstream IV/IV-SP $12,500.10/Hr
Falcon 2000 $11,199.35/Hr
Challenger 300/G200 $9,985.68/Hr
Citation X/Sovereign $8,971.95/Hr
Hawker 800XP $7,750.75/Hr
Phenom 300 $7,199.28/Hr
Hawker 400XP $5,789.95/Hr
Sikorsky $13,799.00/Hr

The all inclusive rates on standard jet memberships are:

Standard Mid Jet $6,993.95/Hr
Standard Light Jet $5,250.30/Hr