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Friday, May 24, 2024

This is the first time the company has used the NetJets brand for a jet card. Prior to this, all its cards came from Marquis Jets. This new card has some different features to the regular Marquis jet card. Here's the rundown on what's new and different:

The card is available in 25-hour blocks on the following light jets:

  • Citation XLS/Excel
  • Citation Encore+/Encore

The XLS/Excel has room for up to seven passengers and a range of about 2,000 miles. The Encore+/Encore also has room for seven passengers and a slightly shorter range of just over 1,900 miles. The XLS/Excel is the bigger aircraft with more headroom and a larger luggage space. These models are a standard part of the NetJets and Marquis fleet.

The call out time or minimum booking notice (availability) is 24 hours for these cards, whereas the Marquis cards have a 10 hour minimum booking period. Both this Elite Card and the Marquis Card have a 120-hour minimum booking notice on Peak days.

For the Elite Card, there are up to 45 Peak Days a year but Marquis Jet Card owners have no more than 30 Peak Period Days per year.

Elite Card owners are also subject to a 25% premium for hours on Peak Days, in other words, the actual flight time is multiplied by 1.25 and the resulting number is the number of hours billed and deducted from the card. The Marquis owners are just charged the actual flight time.

Both Elite and Marquis owners can use their card hours on the NetJets Europe fleet at predetermined inter-program exchange rates.

The Elite Card pricing includes fuel and FET, whereas Marquis pricing excludes FET and is subject to a fuel surcharge. For both cards international fees, ground transportation charges and other miscellaneous fees are extra.

So overall the pricing on the Elite card is lower than on the Marquis Card, but the trade off is a longer call out time and a premium charge for use on Peak Days.