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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Private Jet Services was founded in 2003, and grew its business by supplying large private aircraft to professional sports teams, entertainers on tour and corporations requiring a private shuttle. They are leveraging all this knowledge with their PJS Jet Card.

Aircraft & Prices

The PJS Jet Card program offers light, mid, super-mid and heavy Jets with aircraft in two age categories; Elite for aircraft model year 2000 or newer and Priority for aircraft manufactured in the model year 1999 or before.
Pricing starts at an all-inclusive $119, 825 for 25 hours on a light jet in the Priority category. This pricing includes all fuel and taxes and equates to $4,793 per hour. The price goes all the way up to $12,750 per hour for a heavy jet in the Elite category.


PJS has a dedicated Director of Safety supported by a team of industry veterans. They review every carrier, every aircraft, every pilot, and every flight to cover every contingency.

Only 10% of airlines meet PJS’s strict safety standards as they impose non-negotiable markers around a clean operating history, aircraft age, and liability insurance levels. All aircraft and pilots are pre-vetted using PJS’s stringent requirements, then re-vetted before every new engagement. Qualitative and quantitative checks are complemented with information from the FAA and DOT, bringing a thorough approach to safety that goes well beyond the FAA minimum legal requirements

The company has also just finished the design and build of their new Flight Operations Center, which provides advanced tools to track and monitor all flights.

PJS Operations center

Card Features

The main features of the PJS Jet Card include:

  • 365 Day guaranteed availability
  • No limited calendar
  • No interchange fee
  • 10 hour response time anywhere in the USA
  • 96 hours call ahead on the 18 peak days
  • Rates locked for 12 months
  • Funds never expire
  • 5% round trip efficiency discount
  • No empty leg or dead-head fees
  • Flights exclusively on PJS certified aircraft


Private Jet Services has flown the winners of 10 World Series, 13 Stanley Cups and 37 NCAA titles as well as US presidential candidates from both major parties. The company boasts a repeat client rate more than 90% and has been included in the Inc. Magazine list of fastest-growing private companies.

“It is an honor to be recognized among the fastest-growing companies in the country. This type of recognition really validates our success in meeting the evolving aviation needs of our expanding client base,” said PJS Founder and CEO Greg Raiff.

Legal Issues

PJS has face several legal battles over the years. In 2017 it was sued by the Florida Marlins who claimed "PJS failed to provide the Marlins with an aircraft having certain high-quality standards.” In 2015 PJS sued Marquette University for breaching a two-year air services agreement.