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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

HondaJet operator Volato has launched a jet card program which is ideal for travelers who have some flexibility and for whom the HondaJet fits their mission requirements.


Volato recently ordered another 25 HondaJets, which will bring the total fleet to over 40 of these light jets. The Volato HondaJets have four club seats, and the planes have a maximum range over 1,400nm.

Matt Liotta, CEO and Co-Founder of Volato said “Every business decision we make aims to deliver the best experience for our customers. For example, we are working directly with Honda Aircraft Company to optimize the features and functionality of the galley, leading to a more luxurious in cabin experience."

Stretch Jet Card

The private jet card agreement is for 24 months with unused hours refundable at any time. Pricing is $5,500 per hour inclusive of fuel fees.

The card program offers “Stretch Credits”, which are bonus minutes that you can earn for being flexible with your travels. For instance if Volato proposes an adjustment to your flight time you can earn 6 minutes in stretch credits for a 1/4 day adjustment, 12 minutes for a 1/2 day move and 24 minutes for a change of a full day. If you accept a different airport to your requested one, you can earn 30 minutes in stretch credits.

The program also has repositioning costs - unusual for a jet card - but for each hour of repositioning time, you earn 30 minutes of stretch credits. So, while you pay the full hourly rate for any repositioning flight to bring the plane to your location, you get back half of this time as credits.

Card holders can then use the stretch credits for flights after they have used their paid hours.

“The Stretch Jet Card was designed for this growing segment of people who enjoy flexibility in their lives and rewards them for it. We anticipate strong interest from those in existing, fixed schedule programs who can secure a Stretch Jet Card for supplemental lift and potentially reduce their cost of flying by being rewarded when they or their loved ones can be flexible,” said Matt Liotta.