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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Aviation solutions provider Magellan Jets has brought back their popular college tours 15-Hour jet card. Aimed at busy families, the card allows parents and students to visit their top universities in one weekend, trips can be spread out to meet the families needs.

When you book college tours through Magellan Jets, simply tell them which colleges your family would like to visit and their flight support team will curate a seamless trip from start to finish with all the logistics. They help organize the perfect itinerary based on your schools tour dates and arrange all pickup and drop-off car services leaving you to soak in all the things each campus has to offer.

Private jets have access to more airports than commercial planes, and many of these airports are closer to our nation’s top-tier universities, enabling customers the option to visit more than one school per day. While onboard families can enjoy all the benefits of private travel such as wifi, privacy, and comfort that can also help them work through the pros and cons of every school after a visit. Magellan works with college admissions consulting firm Top Tier Admissions who will provide data and ensure the right questions are asked to properly make a decision. The company is also able to provide a private “college concierge” onboard to accompany the student on their tours.

Once a family makes the final decision, Magellan congratulates the soon-to be-college student with a gift basket full of their school’s merch and some first day of school necessities.

Magellan has offered a college tour jet card in previous years, to help fit college tours into their already hectic fall schedule.