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Thursday, July 18, 2024

There are a wide variety of jet card providers in the market. This page profiles some of the leading providers including the largest jet card companies.

Jet cards come in two broad types, either:

  1. A fixed number of hours on a specific size aircraft. The most common is a 25 hour card.
  2. A fixed deposit of money that locks in hourly rates on a variety of aircraft sizes.

The cards are offered by three broad types of companies:

  1. Fractional Operators, that own or manage and control a fleet of aircraft.
  2. Charter Operators, that may own or manage and have some control over a fleet of aircraft.
  3. Charter Brokers, that neither own nor control or manage any aircraft, but instead use aircraft from charter operators.

Some card providers fit into two of the above categories, for instance XOJet has its own fleet of aircraft and also provides access to other operators aircraft. Wheels Up has its own fleet of aircraft, manages aircraft for others and also provides access to third party aircraft.

Charter brokers use other companies aircraft to fulfill their clients flight requirements. The larger charter brokers have established good quality procedures to make sure the planes they use are meeting all the required safety and service standards. The fractional operators and charter operators may supplement their aircraft with planes from other operators. The leading companies have programs to check for high safety ratings from the FAA and audit organizations such as ARG/US, Wyvern, and IS-BAO.

Some of the leading jet card companies are:

Company Name Type Fix. Deposit Fix. Hours
NetJets Fractional Operator   X
Flexjet Fractional Operator   X
VistaJet Charter Operator   X
flyExclusive  Charter Operator X  
Clay Lacy  Charter Operator X  
Sentient  Charter Broker   X
Air Partner Charter Broker   
Velocity Jets  Charter Broker  

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