Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The large jet card companies all quote their prices in slightly different ways. Some of them include fuel, some of them add fuel surcharges (ie costs above a fixed allowance per gallon), some include Federal Excise Tax and others don't. Another item to ask about is the reservation period for "Peak Days" - the busiest travel days of the year. On normal days you can usually request a jet within 10-12 hours but this increases significantly for Peak Days when demand is much higher.

Other key jet card features that can vary between providers are i) the term of the agreement, 12 months is a common period, and some providers offer 18 months or two years ii) what happens at the end of the term, most providers will let you roll over unused hours or money into a new card, or will simply reset the fixed hourly price for each aircraft, iii) what catering is included, most providers include basic catering with extra fees for additional provisions.

When you're comparing jet cards you'll first need to decide what type of aircraft you want to be in - so whether it's a light jet, mid jet, heavy jet etc.  Here's an example of actual prices and services for three of the leading jet card providers in light jets.

Compare Light Jet Cards NetJets Flight Options Private Jet Services
Aircraft Citation Encore Nextant 400 XT Light Priority
Hours 25 25 25
Response Time (hrs) 10 10 10
Quoted Price $149,900 $132,500 $119,825
Fuel Fees Inc. Add Inc.
Fuel Surcharge Add Add Inc.
FET Add Add Inc.
Catering Add Premium Inc. Inc.
Peak Surcharge Inc. Inc. 5% 
Term 18 Months No Expire No Expire


Use the table below to make your own comparisons of the providers and aircraft that you're looking at. To get a hard copy of this checklist table download the fully inclusive Guide on the right of this page. The appendix to the Guide includes a checklist.

Compare Cards Card 1 Card 2 Card 3
Response Time      
Quoted Price      
Fuel Fees      
Fuel Surcharge      
Peak Surcharge      

Note, Private Jet Services offers two age categories for customer to choose. Their "Priority" includes aircraft manufactured in model year 1999 or before. Their "Elite" are the newest aircraft available in the market, model year 2000 or newer.

The Federal Excise Tax (FET) rate is currently 7.5%.

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